Best Photos of: Fusing Culture Experience 2014

This was my first official assignment for Shifter and it consisted on covering the entirety of the Fusing Culture Experience Festival (or just Fusing). Fusing is a festival the mixes music with sports, arts, beach and gastronomy. The line up mostly consists on major portuguese artists (Dead Combo, PAUS, Capitão Fausto) but also some international artists (like the amazing Slow Magic). I got to camp in Figueira da Foz near the festival with the Shifter staff and a couple of my mates, so with the festival ending at 5 AM and the sun shining at 9 AM, sleep was gold.

Photography wise the location was amazing with beautiful sunsets at the beach making it easy to snap some cool crowd shots. The lighting at the main stage was good although the one on the secondary stage was… well almost inexistent. I mostly shot with my 2.8 zooms except for some portraits and general shots where I used a 50mm and an 8mm fisheye.

Overall it was a pretty cool (and tiring) experience that I’d love to repeat.


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